Energy efficiency is the latest frontier of facility management. Face it, the bottom line for energy reduction is seeing a reduction in the bottom line. Traditional methods and technologies have been around since the beginning of the industrial revolution that are now, more than ever, seeing radical changes to their existence almost over night. Energy efficiency has a complex value for overall facility improvement, as certain methods for extending the life of the energy unit in one area may also offset another unit elsewhere. Where it’s easy to get lost in the flood of information, Energy Mechanix lives and breathes this stuff, weeding out all the hype, and identifying the real solutions for your organization to benefit from.

Let EMX be your partner for creating an energy efficient facility or campus. Utilizing a broad range of technical solutions, EMX can lower energy demand by as much as 50% or greater. Using less energy can further lower operating costs by also cutting demand charges, lowering cooling/heating requirements and establishing lower peak rates.

With facility solutions that include smart energy systems, automatic controls, VFD’s, LED lighting solutions, energy efficient cooling designs, energy recovery systems, combined heat and power, and renewable energy systems, EMX can help design, engineer and install a system that will save energy and money. Strictly depending on overall energy demand, our formulas for energy efficiency are affordable and easy to follow.

If your facility or business spends over $1,000 a month on energy, it’s worth having our team take a look at your situation. Contact our team for a free energy audit and let’s see how Energy Mechanix can help.