Today’s market is full new designs and technologies aimed at helping things be a little more green. Going green has more to do with overall environmental impact than just the idea of energy efficiency. While some products claim to be green because they are made from recycled paper, the fact is the manufacturing process might have used 10-times the amount of fuel and water to produce its “green equivalent”, and thus, its existence may not actually be better for the environment. When it comes to facility mechanical systems, alternative technologies are proven to succeed or prove to fail, there’s no in between, a risk that very few organizations can afford to take.

Energy Mechanix has the experience and knowledge to put this issue to rest. By always keeping an eye out for new products and solutions, we stay informed for the benefit of our clients’ economic and environmental interests. Energy Mechanix uses logic based evidence, not opinion, to select which green alternatives for building mechanical and management systems we offer to our clients. Ultimately, it is a custom process for each facility of how the new new alternative couples with the existing platform to determine the decisions which are made, and if any ensuing progress should take place.

Green facility solutions can help lower:

  • Water Use
  • Chemicals/Bio-Cides
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Fuel/Energy Input Demand
  • & Waste/Disposal Requirements

Going green has other benefits, and some systems help save money.  The expert staff at Energy Mechanix has spent countless hours researching and vetting the best technologies from around the globe to find green solutions that provide a real benefit to our clients, and mother nature.

Experience matters, which is why Energy Mechanix can help your facility or design team understand the trade-offs between one solution vs. the other from a wide array of viewpoints and benchmarks. If your facility is looking for ways to improve it’s environmental impact, lower operating costs and improve its operating performance, then call us today and schedule a free site review.