Energy Mechanix (EMX) is a full service heating and air conditioning service company based in the Silicon Valley that specializes in all areas of commercial HVAC service work, including; new construction projects, mechanical installations, mechanical retrofits, preventative maintenance programs, parts replacements, a full range of warranty services, and system repairs.

When it comes to climate control for today’s high tech and hospitality industries, there is no room for error. With data servers running 24/7 and lab environments that require the most stringent consistencies, our reputable service company ensures that systems run properly, without fail, to enhance productivity. The facilities we serve which have common and public areas avoid embarrassing mechanical problems through regularly inspection and mechanical system maintenance, confidently knowing that their climate is always under control.

Energy Mechanix has experience with newer and older equipment types, and assures all systems meet local building codes, ASME, ASHRAE and EPA standards. EMX can also keep your facility up-to-date with the latest improvements in facility management technology and building management systems that can maximize energy efficiency and lower facility-wide operating costs. By being able to offer multiple solutions, our customers make informed decisions to meet their goals.

It’s a combined total of design, installation, service and maintenance that determines how efficient a building’s mechanical system will operate. Let EMX guide your organization through every step of the way.